Capping machine to close jars and/or bottles with metal caps. Max speed 12.000 cph

Technical data

Cap range: Ø 27 ÷ 110mm - H. 5 ÷ 19mm
Jar range:  Ø 30 ÷ 160mm - H. 50 ÷ 260mm
Motorisation: 1.5 KW
Steam consumption: 70 kg/h at 3 bar
Air consumption: 5 Nl – 6 bar pressure
Water at 2 bar 8-10f°: 12 lt/h
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 3500x1000x2400

Machine suitable to close Regular, Medium, Deep Twist-Off, Pry-Twist, Pry-Off caps.


Capping operation executed in a saturated steam chamber with high vacuum in the container
Constant vacuum value
Easy format change-over adjustments, no use of special change parts, even with the machine in operation
Constant screwing strength in any working conditions
Quick format change-over operations
High resistance to corrosion
Easy cleaning and maintenance