UNIMAC-GHERRI launches its linear filling and capping monoblock RC-5000.
The maximum of flexibility, it can handle a variety of different dense and semi-dense food products (such as jam, marmalade, tomato paste, ketchup, meat-based or vegetable-based sauces, baby-food, paté) and containers from small, single-dose jars up to 5 kg size.

All stainless steel, is more compact than the two single machines (PF3 e GG100): W 2000 mm x L 5000 mm x H 3500 mm (not including infeed and outfeed conveyors).

  • laminar flow cabinet to keep the working area extremely clean: absolute filter class H14
  • separate rooms for capping machine and filler
  • steam suction hood in the capping area to exhaust vapours to the outside
  • suitable to fill all dense and semi dense products into glass containers to be closed with twist-off caps, with a capacity from 20 grams to 1100 grams.
  • Up to 5000 grams max with repeated pumping.
  • filling speed with products like sauces and tomato paste at 90°C:
  • from 5000 cph with 250cc size to 3300 cph with 1000cc size
  • equipped with one conveyor belt to transfer the jars from the filler to the capping machine with 125mm constant pitch
  • one only electric control cabinet with 15’’ or 21" operator panel
  • machine structure covering with inclined profile to improve draining
  • machine fit for the installation of cleaning SPRAY BALL to sanitize the structure, the conveyor and the filling area.