PACKAGING: Consumers prefer glass

Jams, pickles and sauces more and more often in glass containers. It is now established that consumers prefer this material and the packaging world is adapting.

As reported by Food Quality & Safety review in the United States, a recent national consumer survey conducted by the Glass Packaging Institute shows that while consumers purchase products in a variety of packaging materials, they prefer glass for its quality, purity, taste, product protection and shelf life.

Consumers of organic products rate glass even higher—6 to 8 percent higher—in the areas of environmental safety, true flavor, best shelf life, healthiest form, best purity and best quality. These data show us how consumers are increasingly attentive to the material of the containers. (To read the full article:

UNIMAC-GHERRI has the right answer for all those food companies that want to satisfy the desires of their consumers but also have an eco-friendly approach in the production chain. Our core business is in fact the filling and capping of glass container with twist-off caps for liquid, semiliquid and pasty products.

We provide capping machines suitable to close Regular, Medium, Deep Twist-Off, Pry-Twist, Pry-Off caps as for example the GG250, ideal to close jars and/or bottles with metal caps. Max speed 30.000 cph.