The new PF-6L linear piston filler

In Parma UNIMAC-GHERRI will present to visitors a complete line. The proposed solutions make it possible to cover the primary packaging process, guaranteeing the sanitation of the empty container with an air and steam blower, the filling through a linear piston filler and, finally, the closure with an automatic linear capping machine equipped with magnetic capsule feeder installed on the floor.

Starting this presentation from the GG75 blowing machine, we can say that this machine is suitable for cleaning tinplate boxes, glass jars, and bottles, plastic containers, and bottles. The diameter of the containers goes from 30 to 160 mm with a height from 50 to 280 mm. The centrifugal fan complete with a filter allows to carry out a treatment with filtered air while the pads for containers pick-up and overturning with gear motor controlled by frequency converter. This solution allows you to work on different formats at no additional cost with the possibility of making a format change without any additional equipment but only with the appropriate adjustments. Possibility to carry out different treatments (air, steam and hot water).

However, this year's real novelty is the PF-6L linear piston filler, suitable for both the food and beverage sectors. The machine has a design that is attentive to the needs of extreme sanitation in the sector, with a filling area reduced to a minimum to facilitate sanitization. The range includes models with 4 to 6 pistons, built entirely in stainless steel. The double piston/cylinder filling unit for jars, bottles, and cans operates with a capacity of 20 to 1100 ml (for filling single-serving portions). Next is the automatic linear capping machine model GG100, prepared with the appropriate optional equipment for capping jars and / or bottles with Regular, Medium, Deep, Twist-off, Pry-Twist, and Pry-off type capsules. The maximum production is 12,000 pieces/hour referred to containers with Ø 38 mm capsule type RTO. Capping takes place in a chamber saturated with steam and with a high degree of vacuum inside the container. The vacuum value is constant while the easy adjustment of the formats is made without the use of special equipment even with the machine in production. The format change is therefore rapid and corrosion resistance is guaranteed. The capping machine is complete with a GG850 magnetic capsule feeder installed on the floor, suitable for orienting and feeding the capsules contained in the hopper to the cappers. The speed reaches up to 250 capsules per minute, which can vary depending on the diameter of the capsule.