UNI 304 - UNI 350


Basket dimensions : max. 1000x1200 x H. 1150mm
Max speed: 5/6 layers/minute
Installed power: 8 KW max.
Compressed air consumption: 150 NL/1' a 6 bar


Automatic sweep-off machines for cans, jars and bottles consisting of:
Hydraulic platform with double pantograph system in painted steel for full basket bottom lifting.
One foldaway basket block
Machine structure with external stainless steel frame.
Basket conveyor in central position featuring two motorised chains. Stainless steel structure.
Layer-translation trolley equipped with pneumatically controlled, moving pushing guides on three sides for steady containers.
Stainless steel front holding guide, pneumatically lifting. Manual adjustment.
Moving transfer chute
Automatic layer-pad pick-up and placement unit.
Layer-pad magazine with 1000mm capacity
Intralox-type mesh conveyor in two motorised sections.
Electric installation complying with CE regulations class 2 with PLC and operator display.
Pneumatic installation