UNI 450T

Automatic depalletiser with magnetic pick-up head for empty and full cans, for full jars and full bottles, with discharge at low level.


Pallet dimensions: min. 800 x 1200 mm – max. 1000 x 1200 mm
Max pallet height: 1750mm (standard) – 2100mm (special construction)
Max speed: 4,5 layers / minute


 Consisting of:

Double-column structure for layer-loading/unloading platform lifting.
Layer translator with telescopic trolley horizontally moving by a lever.
Pick-up head with permanent magnets and stainless steel separation sheeting for cans
Motorised Intralox-type mesh conveyor. Contact parts with containers covered with high-density polyethylene.
Conveyors with motorised rollers for pallet infeed, outfeed and in the central area
Perimetric safety fences complying with CE regulations
Electric installation complying with CE regulations.


Automatic pallet magazine
Automatic layer-pad pick-up system
Layer-pad magazine
Container aligner (at depalletiser discharge)