UNI 550

Automatic depalletiser for empty jars, bottles and cans, sweep-off type, discharge at high level.

Technical data

Pallet dimensions: 800×1200 – 1000×1200 – 1120x1420mm
Max pallet height 2800mm
Max speed: 5 layers / minute

Consisting of:

Four-column structure for full pallet lifting.
Layer pusher featuring motorised bar.
Layer-pad grip unit with pneumatic motion.
Layer-discharge conveyor with mesh belt in plastic material.
Loading/unloading reference units for the forklift
Pallet conveyors with motorised rollers and with motorised chains
Operator platform in painted metal with handrails and stairs.
Layer-pad supporting bracket
Perimetric safety fences.
Electric installation complying with CE regulations.
Pneumatic installation


Automatic pallet magazine
Automatic layer-pad remover
Container aligner at machine outfeed
Pallet unwrapping station