UNI 400 T

Palletiser with magnetic pick-up head and double column structure for empty or full cans, full bottles and jars, with low-level loading.

Technical data

Max layer weight: 300kg
Pallet dimensions:
min. 800 x 1200 mm - max. 1000 x 1200 mm
Max pallet height:
1750mm (standard) - 2100mm (special construction)
Max speed:
4,5 layers/minute
Installed power:
8 / 10 KW

Consisting of:

Layer transfer central structure made of painted carbon steel
Pick-up head with permanent magnets and stainless steel separation sheeting
Motorised Intralox-type mesh conveyor. Contact parts with containers covered with high-density polyethylene.
Pallet conveyors with motorised rollers.
Perimetric safety fences complying with CE regulations
Electric installation complying with CE regulations


Automatic pallet magazine
Automati layer-pad placement