Jams: innovative solution for a growing market

International market of jam is growing. Only the last year the turnover of this export was 3.2 billion dollars. European countries play the “lion’s share” in export for 2 billion dollars, equal to 61,1% of the global total. The Asian countries follow with 20.2%, those of Latin America (9.3%), North America (5.6%, Africa (2.7%) and Oceania (1,1%).

In Europe, Italy is the second largest exporter of jams in the continent (8.4% of total jam exports) for 270.3 million dollars, preceded by France (12%) and followed bu Turkey (8%).

To explain this success, probably the desire of consumers to look for natural and simple products that, if possible, they are also good for health.

That is why, in summer, fig jam is considered one of the best choices. What, perhaps, few know is that the fig, as its jam, has healthy properties. Obviously, if consumed in the right quantities. Figs are rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium and they are low in saturated fats and rich in polyphenols (antioxidants).

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